Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D.

Dr. Anthony D. Fredericks is well-known for his energetic, fast-paced, and highly practical presentations.  His dynamic and stimulating seminars have captivated tens of thousands of teachers from coast to coast and border to border - all with rave reviews!  Dr. Fredericks’ background includes extensive experience as a classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, staff developer, author, professional storyteller, and university specialist in secondary and elementary teaching methods.  In addition, Dr. Fredericks has visited hundreds of schools throughout the country working with teachers on effective teaching/learning strategies.

Dr. Fredericks’ presentations are full of energy and packed with loads of “field-tested” strategies.  Combining the skill of a professional storyteller, the practicality of a seasoned teacher, and the enthusiasm of an acclaimed professor, Dr. Fredericks will provide your pre-service teachers with dozens of practical ideas for their immediate application.

One of the best and most useful workshops I have ever attended. Anthony Fredericks is superb!
— D.G., 4th Grade Teacher

Selected Books for Pre-service Teachers

In this captivating and highly practical book, award-winning author and teacher, Anthony D. Fredericks offers real-world guidelines on how to build the perfect teacher resume (and cover letter).  Fredericks has compiled fresh advice and insightful tips from numerous principals and superintendents around the country. He provides insider knowledge about what types of vocabulary and key words/phrases administrators look for on resumes and cover letters and explains how teacher resumes differ from other business resumes.

Anthony D. Fredericks has participated in numerous interviews from both sides of the desk. In Ace Your Teacher Interview: 149 Fantastic Answers to Tough Interview Questions, the Revised and Expanded 2nd edition, he has assembled the wisdom and experience of scores of seasoned educators. This all-in-one sourcebook of teacher interview questions, paired with the best responses, offers invaluable insights on what you need to succeed in a very competitive job market.  “Absolutely the best book out there for those of us searching for teaching jobs.  The answers are clear and concise!” - JC01

It is a challenge faced thousands of times by thousands of new teachers every year.  In this captivating and highly practical book, (which builds on the success of the critically acclaimed Ace Your Teacher Interview and Ace Your Teacher Resume) award-winning author and teacher, Anthony D. Fredericks offers real-world guidelines, fresh advice, and down-to-earth tips from numerous principals, superintendents, and teachers around the country.  Most important, he provides you with useful and applicable tips and strategies that will make your first year go by smoothly.

Keynotes, Seminars, & Workshops

If you are interested in helping your pre-service teachers learn the latest techniques, strategies, and tips for securing a teaching position or ensuring success during their first year teaching, then Dr. Fredericks is eager to work with you.  Nationally recognized for his highly practical presentations, Dr. Fredericks will demonstrate and invite your students to actively participate in a lecture, seminar, or workshop that will help them secure the job of their dreams.  Dr. Fredericks will lead your teacher candidates through an exciting array of creative suggestions, dynamic techniques, and stimulating stories.  Your students will leave with loads of proven methods, scores of “energizing” ideas and an extensive assembly of techniques that will change their future.

Following are possible topics for a presentation at your college or university.  These ideas can take the form of formal presentations (keynote addresses) or informal sessions (workshops).  Dr. Fredericks is willing to work with you to ensure the success of any presentation according to your unique needs or special circumstances.
▪       How to Ace Your Teacher Interview
▪       How to Ace Your Teacher Resume
▪       How to Ace Your Teacher Cover Letter
▪       How to Ace Your First Year Teaching

Presentations can be tailored for any special group on campus, including:
✓    A keynote address to the Student Education Association
✓    A specially designed Senior seminar for pre-service teachers
✓    An in-class presentation in one or more methods courses
✓    A special seminar sponsored by the campus Career Development Office
✓      A workshop for current student teachers
✓      A presentation specifically for non-traditional students
✓      A Q & A session for all education majors
(Your choice)

Dr. Fredericks is truly a special person who is always doing for others, inspiring and creating future educators of America!
— A.K., Gettysburg, PA
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What Audience Members Say About Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D.

The workshop was wonderful! The content and presenter were excellent. The ideas and books that were shared will be an immediate success for me.
— D.C., Davenport, IA
I can’t wait to use the many strategies I learned today. This was a fantastic seminar.
— R.T. Detroit, MI
This workshop gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed. This was a fantastic class.
— J.B., Seattle, WA
Dr. Fredericks is such an obviously gifted teacher - what an asset to the profession! Thanks for all the super ideas!
— K.C., Rosemont, IL
The workshop was truly practical and interesting. I can’t wait to start using these ideas!
— C.B., Denver, CO
Dr. Fredericks made the learning fun and practical. It was obvious that he wanted us to succeed in every way!
— A.C., Charlotte, NC
Dr. Fredericks has changed my teaching philosophy and motivated me to become the best teacher possible.
— H.D., Cherry Hill, NJ


Fees and Schedules

Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D. is eager to work with you in setting up a campus visit that will benefit every pre-service teacher.  To that end, he is very flexible (he is a former elementary teacher) in working with you to establish a schedule of activities that will have the greatest impact and take full advantage of the time he is on campus.

Following are some suggestions (along with corresponding honoraria) for a campus visit.  Any single presentation format - or combination of formats - is possible.  These suggestions can be modified according to the timetable of regularly scheduled campus activities, the availability of students throughout a particular day, or any other special circumstances.  Please feel free to work with Dr. Fredericks to effect a program or schedule that works best for all your pre-service teacher candidates.

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NOTE:  The college’s Education Department, or the local Student Education Association, are encouraged to promote and sell copies of Dr. Fredericks’ books in conjunction with a campus visit.  Book sales can also be used as a fund-raising venture.  Please inquire.

For further information, please contact Anthony D. Fredericks at: