Anthony D. Fredericks is available for interviews, workshops, and conferences.

Schedule a SKYPE interview for your classroom or grade level.  As a popular and charismatic children’s author, Tony can share his books, answer any questions (“No, really, how old are you?”), and celebrate the writing process.  Perfect for all elementary grades. (“Whether in large groups or small, Tony Fredericks’ amazingly energetic programs will keep everyone enthralled!” - Classroom Teacher, Londonderry, NH)

Tony is available to visit any college to talk about how to get a teaching job.  As the author of the best-selling Ace Your Teacher Interview he knows the tips and strategies that ensure employment in a competitive job market.  Perfect for college career centers and local Student Education Association meetings.  (“Tony will thoroughly engage and entertain students with his wisdom and humor.  Do not miss an opportunity to hear him.” - T. Adamson,             Denver, CO).

Tony will help you celebrate “Back to School” events, “Meet the Author” night, and special speaking engagements.  (“One of the best presentations I have ever attended.  Anthony Fredericks is superb!” - M. Denofrio, Galveston, TX)

WRITING WORKSHOPS:                    
Tony offers several writing workshops on ‘Writing Children’s Books,” “Writing Nonfiction Books,” and “How to Get Successfully Published” (among others).  Workshops can be for one hour up to one week.  Perfect for conferences, conventions, special events (weekend at a B&B, cruise), adult education, or on-campus courses.  (“Tony’s exceptional storytelling style completely captivated everyone.  His presentation was humorous, enthusiastic, and full of life.  We loved it!” - J. Thomason, San Diego, CA).

Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D.