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The first essential ingredient of any story, any book, and any article is THE IDEA. However, the question any children’s author, writer, or journalist is likely to ask is “WHERE DO I GET MY IDEAS?”  Written by best-selling and award-winning children’s author Anthony D. Fredericks (Desert Night, Desert Day; Under One Rock) , this collection of two dozen dynamic and inventive idea generators will ensure you an unstoppable production of hundreds, no thousands, of story ideas that will keep your mind running at “warp speed” and your fingers dancing across your computer keyboard for hours.

Making a Difference:  1001 Ways to Reduce Your Stress, Increase Your Happiness, and Influence the World is a collection of 1001 proactive suggestions to improve your life. You will discover dynamic ideas that will have a positive influence on how you approach each day. You’ll learn how you can significantly change your life, and the lives of those around you. Each of these ideas has been proven to be successful and productive. Each one is simple…each one can help you achieve greater serenity, reduce your levels of stress, and achieve more happiness than you ever thought possible.

It’s the universal question asked by thousands of children’s authors every day: Where do you get your ideas?  It’s true - coming up with great ideas is tough! You want inspiration and you want direction – both of which often seem to be in short supply.  That’s where this book comes in. This book will ignite your brain, stoke your creative fires, stimulate your imagination and get you writing stories, picture books, nonfiction, YA fiction and a plethora of other possibilities that will engage and entertain children.  “The diversity and originality of these prompts are perfect for any children's author.”

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If you’re looking for ways to stimulate positive lines of communication and cement interpersonal bonds with others (friends, family, partner) here are the conversation questions you need.Written by award-winning author Anthony D. Fredericks, this collection of 1001 dynamic conversation starters will allow you to explore some of life’s most interesting topics: love, sex, self-worth, beliefs, dreams, concerns and issues.More important, these conversation questions are designed to get any discussion going.“This is the perfect book for any date night.My boyfriend and I just love it.”