Anthony D. Fredericks

Anthony D. Fredericks is an award-winning children’s author well known for his energetic, humorous, and highly informative school visits throughout North America.  His dynamic presentations have captivated tens of thousands of students in Canada, Mexico, and across the United States – all with rave reviews!  He is as passionate about kids and learning as he is about children’s literature.

Fredericks is a former elementary teacher and reading specialist.  He is a prolific author, having written more than 150 books.  These include four dozen children’s books (e.g. Desert Night, Desert Day), over 90 teacher resource books (e.g. More Science Adventures with Children’s Literature), and nearly two dozen adult non-fiction titles (e.g. The Secret Life of Clams). 

Anthony D. Fredericks is currently a professor of education at York College in York, Pennsylvania where he teaches elementary methods courses, children’s literature, and creative writing courses.

Anthony Fredericks’ enthusiasm, energy, and awareness of his audience made his visit the best author visit the students have ever had!
— Elementary Librarian - Irmo, SC


What Teachers Say About Anthony D. Fredericks

One of the best presentations I have ever attended. Anthony Fredericks is superb!
— Media Specialist, Sacramento, CA
Whether in large groups or small, Tony Fredericks’ amazingly energetic programs will keep everyone enthralled.
— Classroom Teacher, Altoona, PA
Wow, wow, wow!!! I can’t believe the excitement our students have about reading now.
— School Librarian, Charleston, SC
Time Flew! Extremely entertaining and informative.
— Reading Specialist, Portland, OR
Tony’s exceptional storytelling style completely captivated everyone. His presentation was humorous, enthusiastic and full of life. We loved it.
— Classroom Teacher, Albuquerque, NM
Tony will thoroughly engage and entertain students with his wisdom and humor. Do not miss an opportunity to hear him.
— Learning Specialist, Sedalia, CO
Tony’s energy and love for learning was clearly displayed throughout all the presentations.
— Classroom Teacher, Londonderry, NH
All the information was excellent. Let’s bring him back again!
— Classroom Teacher, Galveston, TX
Tony’s presentations were loads of fun and filled with great information. I especially enjoyed the way he got the audience involved. It was an upbeat, positive experience for everyone.
— Media Specialist, Portsmouth, OH


Suggested School Program

Anthony D. Fredericks is eager to work with you in setting up a visit that will benefit every student, stimulate the science curriculum, enhance reading discoveries, and promote all the language arts.  To that end, he is very flexible (he is a former elementary teacher) in working with you to establish a schedule of activities that will have the greatest impact and take full advantage of the time he is in your school or district.

This sample schedule is offered as a suggestion for a visit to your school.  It is subject to modifications or alterations according to the timetable of normal school activities, the availability of selected grades or classes throughout the day, and the design of the overall curriculum in your school.  Please feel free to work with Tony to effect a schedule that will work best for the students and teachers in your school.

Classroom Visits

One of the most exciting elements of an author appearance is when the author visits individual classrooms.  This is an opportunity for students to meet a “real live” children’s author in person and engage in a variety of activities, discussions or projects.  As a former elementary teacher, Anthony D. Fredericks loves to visit individual classrooms.  A classroom visit can be informal (questions & answers) or formal (demonstration of a writing strategy) or a combination of informal/formal activities.  Anthony D. Fredericks is willing to schedule classroom activities according to the grade and abilities of students within a single classroom and the time available for each visit.

Following are some possible activities teachers may wish to consider for a classroom visit:
❖              Demonstration of one or more writing strategies.
❖              Storytelling session (perfect for primary grades).
❖              A “read-aloud” of one or more books.
❖              Dissection of a single book – from initial idea to final product.
❖              How a children’s author uses the same stages in the writing process (prewriting, drafting, editing, etc.) as                  students do in school.
❖              Questions and answers (general or specific).
❖              Presentation of “Fantastic Facts” about animals or plant species profiled in one or more books.
❖              Personal autographing of individual copies of student books.

2017-2018 Fee Sheet

These fees have been determined based on conversations with (and recommendations by) school librarians and media specialists around the country.  Anthony D. Fredericks is a firm believer in the old adage that “you get what you pay for.”  As a result, he will work tirelessly to promote a love for literature, a passion for the writing process, and an enthusiasm for learning throughout your school.


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